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Monday, June 16, 2008
  Code Geass: Cornelia Li Britannia's SwordGun
I was commissioned to make Cornelia's weapon from the anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

The guard pieces were cut from 1/4" poplar.

The pieces were glued together and sanded smooth. I left a little on each end to attach to the grip and basket guard.

The grip was cut from 1/2" MDF with 1/8 MDF grip plates. In order to later insert the trigger and other parts, I needed to be able to split it in half.

The basket guard was made from four 1/2" MDF sections. Each side's parts were laminated together and then each half was lightly glued for shaping.

Using the belt sander and Dremel I started to shape the basket guard.

After the rough shaping was done, I hand sanded it smooth.

I used the Dremel to hollow out the back of the basket.

To make the trim, I used an Exacto knife to trace the outline and then carved out the recessed areas.

The barrel was cut from a plain ol' pine 2x4.

After the board was cut to width, I cut the two 45º on top and then Dremeled out a slot for the front sight.

I then cut a slot on the bottom for the blade.

The bottom 45º of the barrel were cut on the table saw (at great risk) leaving the last 5 inches to manually shape. Inserted is the .060 plastic that perfectly fits the kerf of my table saw!

The plastic was then cut to shape. An edge was scraped using a pocket knife, as illustrated in my Spartan sword entry.

The grips were shaped. sanded and trimmed as the basket guard was.

The completed barrel and basket guard!

I pried apart the basket guard halves in preparation for connecting it to the other parts.

I hollowed out a recess for the trigger to operate.The trigger was cut from plastic, swivels on a nail and pushed forward by an ink pen spring.

The final assembly. The cylindrical part of the receiver was lathed from wood.

I used MDF to make a support for some some decorative plates that appear in front of the basket guard.

The decorative plates were cut from .060 plastic with a trim cut from .040 plastic.

I picked up some mirror rosettes to use as a round element on the basket. I substituted an nail for the center screw.

I didn't care for the way the block was looking co I made a MDF curved addition to make the visual transition to the barrel smoother.

The final painted piece!

Detail of the basket area

Detail of the pistol grip. I drilled a small hole in the butt post in case there was a need for a lanyard.

Muzzle detail. The barrel hole only extends 1" inside.

The pistol in relation to a hand. Pretty comfy!

The prop in action!

It looks even better in person. There are no words to describe how detailed and accurate this is. Thank you soooo much. You are the best! <3
Say, that is extremely well-made. It was a commission? I'm working on a Cornelia cosplay for next year, and I was wondering how I might contact you regarding, perhaps, a commission for this prop?
Go to the "View My Profile" link under the Monkey Washing Kitty gif. There is an email link on the left side. Hope to hear from you soon!
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