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Saturday, January 21, 2006
  Stormtrooper Vinyl Model Kit by Screamin': Blaster

The Blaster looked OK at first glance but it's way too big, the casting is bad and the sights and folding stock are CARDBOARD. I downloaded the ENH version E11 templates from the Blaster Builders Club

and used these reduced to 27% to build a new one from scratch.

The barrel was cut from 3/8" brass tubing and the grip, magazine and Hengstler counter were made from laminated styrene. The receiver spring was made from copper wire wrapped around 1/4" aluminum tubing.

Pictured here is the completed magazine with styrene details. The front and rear sights were made from pieces of brass as were the folding stock and trigger guard. I removed the pistol grip that was molded into the Trooper's right hand so the new one could slide in. Unfortunately I couldn't attach the trigger or trigger guard until it was put in the Trooper's hand.

Here is the completed body of the gun. It has a 1/8" brass barrel, the muzzle is laminated styrene and the bolt handle is a VERY tiny nail.

The end cap was made by heating styrene and jamming it in a hole slightly bigger than the barrel.

I also made the caps for the Thermal Detonator with this method. Details were carved and filed into the end cap. I used a paper clip to bend into the D-Ring and cut one side off a small piece of square tube stock to hold it. I also completed the Hengstler counter with the twin tubes that will be attached to it with wires. I thought the folding stock would be too fragile to make operational, so I just made it as a solid piece to be glued to the gun. Here it is complete without the buttplate. At this stage I hand painted areas that would be hard to reach with an airbrush: Inside front sight, under sope rail, under dial on top of magazine.

I made the "scallops" (not sure what they're for....) out of 1/4" aluminum tubing, Dremeled to fit and super-glued in place.

Here is the barrel with magazine, front and rear sights, end cap and scope rail attached.

The scope was made from aluminum and brass tubing, a wooden dowel and the blue cone-shaped "clicker" from a Star Wars fan club ink pen. Thanks, George!

I stripped out a few wires from a 9-volt connector, wound them around a tube and super-glued them in place. This was by far the HARDEST part of the entire project. Those damn wires really didn't want to cooperate!

The t-tracks covering the barrel vent holes were made from styrene t-bars. All I had to do was cut them to length and taper the ends to make it look as if they were inserted into the holes.

Here is the final assembled gun with my hand and a penny for scale. I also used a little silver paint to simulate wear. I kept it pretty minimal as I figure a Stormtrooper with a cushy assignment like the Death Star probaly has pretty new gear and probably doesn't see a lot of action (Besides smugglers and Wookiees running loose...)

Or did I build a giant hand and big penny?....(That might have been easier)

And to really show why I had to build this, here is mine next to the kit's. I might have let it go if it weren't so oversized (maybe.)
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These are all the dumb things I find myself obsessed with building when I SHOULD be doing something more productive.

As a kid I built lots of plastic model kits, never knowing that one day those skills would actually be of use.

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